Game, Set, Match for VGG

Trying to juggle a ton of blogs at once that I’m writing on to varying amounts (there are 5 still in existence), and a very scarce amount of free time, I’ve decided to once and for all stop my video games blog, Video Games Guide, at least, and free myself from worrying about another blog. Writing has been very rare on that blog anyways recently and I’ve decided to free myself from it.

Instead, I’m focusing from now on on a reviews blog I co-founded where video games reviews will be written by me and others. Feel free to check it out at On that blog, too, we’re starting back up again full-time on 1st February, so check back there for posts every day except for Sunday.

I’ll leave the URL running, just because I’m a bit nostalgic about deleting this blog forever. I’m disappointed VGG never quite became what I wanted it to be, and that’s completely my fault.

Thanks for a great 25 months of completely on-and-off writing. Hope you enjoyed it.

By the way, I’m thinking about what I should do with this blog, The News of Sports, and Fresh Fantasy Help. I have been actively thinking about shutting them both down and starting some sort of new sports blog focusing on one or two sports, instead of all of them. 

Also, I’ve started writing part-time on my friend’s golf blog, Up and Down Golf Blog. Visit it at


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6 Responses to Game, Set, Match for VGG

  1. caniacwiz says:

    I know what you mean. I may not be covering multiple sports, but it’s a lot to cover the ‘Canes in-depth along with other hockey news in the NHL. I plan to be back with a new blog next season. Hopefully we can c ollaborate again!

  2. I have been one of your subscribers since almost the beginning. All the best of luck and success to you!

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