I’m back! (Sort of)

Well it’s certainly been a while since I last posted on this blog. If you look below, you’ll see I said that I was planning on starting a new blog as a replacement for this one. Clearly, that never happened.


Anyway, I’m contemplating coming back to the bloggersphere, but even if I do, it’ll have to be after the new year (2015). Interestingly enough, seems like only about 5 of the blogs I used to follow (many of whom also followed me) are still active, which says one thing; We’re all busy.

I’m just posting this to kinda say hi after so long, and I’m planning on coming back to WordPress more often just to read…for now. I’ll see what will happen in the coming months with possibly starting up the blog once more.


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New Start

I very well might have written my final post on The News of Sports. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m done blogging, nor does that mean I’m not still following sports. I’m definitely doing both, but I’ve decided to change paths. What do I mean? Well, in addition to writing and being the main person and co-founder at the newly revamped Already Booked, I’ve been thinking that I’ll start a new sports blog and get rid of every other blog I had (Fresh Fantasy Help, and I already stopped Video Games Guide). However, the main thing is, since I’m living outside of the USA, and have been since the start of this blog, it’s not fun to rely on ESPN or other websites for my USA sports information. I don’t want to write about the NBA if I can’t watch any games. I’m still following all the American sports, but I have been following other sports more since it’s more accessible. I think I’m going to start a cricket blog, as it’s quickly become one of my favorite sports. I realise that most of The News of Sports’ readers are from the USA and don’t know cricket, but I’m hoping you guys will check it out if you like. I want to thank everyone that has commented and read my posts over the last 27 months or so. Who knows, I may reconsider, but I’ll post the link to the new blog when it’s ready. I’m really excited as I won’t have to worry about posting about all different sports, even though I love to do just that.


Thanks so much, and I’m quite glad to actually be able to post consistently for the first time in about a year on the new site. The link’ll be posted when I start the blog.



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Game, Set, Match for VGG

Trying to juggle a ton of blogs at once that I’m writing on to varying amounts (there are 5 still in existence), and a very scarce amount of free time, I’ve decided to once and for all stop my video games blog, Video Games Guide, at least, and free myself from worrying about another blog. Writing has been very rare on that blog anyways recently and I’ve decided to free myself from it.

Instead, I’m focusing from now on on a reviews blog I co-founded where video games reviews will be written by me and others. Feel free to check it out at alreadybooked.wordpress.com. On that blog, too, we’re starting back up again full-time on 1st February, so check back there for posts every day except for Sunday.

I’ll leave the URL running, just because I’m a bit nostalgic about deleting this blog forever. I’m disappointed VGG never quite became what I wanted it to be, and that’s completely my fault.

Thanks for a great 25 months of completely on-and-off writing. Hope you enjoyed it.

By the way, I’m thinking about what I should do with this blog, The News of Sports, and Fresh Fantasy Help. I have been actively thinking about shutting them both down and starting some sort of new sports blog focusing on one or two sports, instead of all of them. 

Also, I’ve started writing part-time on my friend’s golf blog, Up and Down Golf Blog. Visit it at upanddowngolf.wordpress.com.


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Gary Bettman: Hockey’s Marked Man

Run Away, and Fast, Gary Bettman, before you’re run out of NHL’s top role. Source: http://cdn.bleacherreport.net/images_root/slides/photos/002/766/127/hi-res-151963609_crop_650x440.jpg?1353348601

Gary Bettman has a target on his back. A big, fat one, written in bold, black colour so that everyone can see.

For the last 4 months, Bettman, the National Hockey League’s commissioner, has deprived hockey fans from watching their sport, being heavily involved in the third NHL lockout in his nearly 20 years as head of the league.

North American sports fans are no strangers to lockouts and the old headline of Money-Hungry Owners Vs. Money-Hungry Players, and as always, nobody wins.

But take a blind guess at who lost again for the third time in 2 decades? That’s right, us, the fans.  Continue reading

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Caroline Wozniacki’s Serena Impersonation not Racist, but Ignorant

Surely, if you’re a tennis fan, you’ve heard about it by now; former World No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki, in a recent exhibition match versus Maria Sharapova as part of the Gillette Federer Tour, decided to impersonate her friend and fellow WTA tour member Serena Williams by putting towels in her dress to imitate Serena’s body shape, sparking countless different reactions and some even accusing Wozniacki of racism against African-American women.

However, Wozniacki, at only 22 years of age, can be excused for a lack of understanding about the sensitivity of this issue. I’d like to believe that she wasn’t intending to be racist, and considered Wozniacki and Williams are supposedly close friends, I doubt that’s the case. Perhaps Caroline was trying to poke fun at her friend, and just took it a little too far, that’s all.

However, this isn’t the first time she’s done this. Last year, during another exhibition, Wozniacki did the same thing, although there was no backlash that time.

It’s a bit unfortunate that in today’s world of sports, young athletes have to be held accountable for everything they say and do, including Wozniacki. Her rapid decline in the rankings, status with boyfriend and professional golfer Rory McIlroy, and the rest of her personal spotlight has been put under the microscope.

It still is inexcusable to do this and not apologize, so my advice to her would be to just apologize, say it was a mistake that was meant to be a joke, and the whole thing will blow over, in my opinion.

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Renewed Interest

Before August, I was really struggling to post frequently, and after that I was very busy and didn’t even bother updating the site. I’m really committed now to writing on The News of Sports again, straight after the new year especially. I appreciate the support. Thanks.

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“Real” Referees are Back!

The “Real” referees in the NFL have signed an agreement to return, ending the torturous first few games when replacement referees blew several important call, perhaps most notably the final play of the previous Monday Night Football game, when Golden Tate “caught” the football on the final play to win the game for the Seahawks against the Packers.


How much more do you respect the regular referees and what they do? 

Answer in the comments.

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