Other Blogs I like

Chris Ross’ Painting the Black

Why: Chris actually commented on my blog, and I discovered his blog, filled with great sports opinionated posts. Check it out.

Website: chrisross91.wordpress.com

The Fans Always Write

Why: I found this website while just browsing the web. It’s a blog that is completely written by you. Literally. All you have to do is write a column, send to fansalwayswrite@gmail.com, and boom! Your story will be published. I did a post, and I loved it. Another cool blog.

Website: fansalwayswrite.com

The DC Fan

Why: For all you Washington DC sports fans out there, this blog is for you. A true DC fan writes about his hometown teams.

Website: thedcfan.com (formerly thedcfan.wordpress.com)


Why: Are you a Carolina Hurricanes and a NHL fan? Well, this site is for you! Here, you will get instant analysis and coverage of all things Hurricanes, and the perfect blog for all Carolina fans!

Website: caniacwiz.wordpress.com

Die-Hard Night

Why: Still bitter about LeBron leaving? Want to get some Cleveland sports news? Want Cleveland Cavaliers, Browns, and Indians analysis, plus some local and national news? This blog is for the long-suffering Cleveland fan out there. No need to be embarrassed about being a Cleveland Fan, trust me.

Website: diehardnight.com

3:10 to Overtime

Why: This blog features NHL news, videos, and analysis with great humor, all by a Canucks fan.

Website: 310toovertime.com

This is the Year

Why: Similar to the last blog, this blog is written by a Canucks fan. He truly believes, as the title suggests, that this is the year the Canucks go out and win the Stanley Cup. Read as he reviews all things Canucks en route to their (possible) Stanley Cup win in 2011.

Website: thisistheyear.net

The Gilmour Effect

Why: This blog focuses on Toronto’s glory days in sports, during the 1990s. I’m sure Toronto fans are thinking “If only we were that way now”.

Website: thegilmoureffect.wordpress.com

Three Strikes and I’m out!

Why: This blog provides some insight and analysis on some of the biggest sports news, and gives you some questions to ponder…

Website: tlm87.wordpress.com

Uncle Monkey’s Blog

Why: The name might be misleading, but on this blog a sports fan in Virginia talks about various subjects, ranging from NFL to MLB to NCAA Basketball.

Website: unclemonkeyblog.wordpress.com

BackCheck’s Blog

Why: This blog has Ducks posts and more NHL news and opinion. A great site to just casually read.

Website: backchecksblog.com

Sports Beantown

Why: Here, you will find up-to-the-date news and opinion on all the major Boston, ahem, Beantown sports teams.

Website: sportsbeantown.wordpress.com

In the Stands

Why: A sports blog ranging from MLB, NHL, and NFL to Indian Premier League and basically all things sports, written by a bunch of college students in Canada. A great read.

Website: 1inthestands.wordpress.com

Hardwood Classics!

Why: This blog features basketball news and analysis by a basketball fan, Bobby Charts. Updates and information is aplenty on this blog.

Website: bobbycharts.wordpress.com

Knowing is half the Battle…Times Two- Fantasy X-Man

Why: Fantasy X-Man gives you tons of tips, rankings, and mailbags, all for your fantasy sports needs. A great site to ask questions about anything fantasy sports. And also, you’ll need a little less luck to win your fantasy sports leagues.

Website: littlelessluck.wordpress.com

Winning Fantasy Sports

Why: Another fantasy sports blog, and, as the title suggests, this is meant for you to start winning your fantasy sports leagues. And if you already have won them, some extra tips and advice to repeat.

Website: winningfantasysports.wordpress.com

Justin Dacey

Why: A blog that adds opinion with news, and creates a unique voice for sports blogging.

Website: justindacey.wordpress.com

Die-Hard Kings Fan

Why: The brand new basketball blog from Bobby Charts, author of Hardwood Classics! Bobby’s new blog is about his favorite team, the Sacramento Kings.

Website: bobbychartskingsblog.wordpress.com

The Brooklyn Buckeye

Why: Sports. Opinion. News. What else can you want from a sports blog? Be sure to check this blog out.

Website: brooklynbuckeye.wordpress.com

NBA Through My Veins

Why: NBA news and opinion from a NBA lover. Complete previews, reviews, and everything NBA in between.

Website: nbathroughmyveins.wordpress.com

Lone Star Sports Ledger

Why: Want Dallas sports news, analysis, and more? Then look no farther than the Lone Star Sports Ledger!

Website: lonestarsportsledger.com (formerly lonestarsportsledger.wordpress.com)

Steve’s Sports Corner (formerly The Sportz Guru)

Why: Sports news, opinion, and everything sports, because sports, or rather Sportz, is life at The Sportz Guru.

Website: stevessportscorner.wordpress.com (formerly thesportzguru.wordpress.com)

Basketball On My Mind

Why: A 12-year old basketball superfan from Indiana shares his thoughts and opinions on basketball. A great read.

Website: basketballonmymind.wordpress.com

Drop Shot Dispatch

Why: Tennis from every angle and view. Your place for frequent tennis news and opinion.

Website: dropshotdispatch.com

Sam’s Sports Brief

Why: Sam, an aspiring commentator and sports enthusiast, shares his opinions and thoughts on the world of sports.

Website: sambrief.com

Razz and Jazz Sports

Why: Two bloggers write constantly about New York Sports and the latest sports news from the Big Apple and beyond.

Website: razzandjazzsports.wordpress.com

Yes I’m a Woman, Yes I know Sports

Why: A great opinionated sports blog from Asleigh, who, as the title states, is a woman who knows her sports.

Website: yesimawomanyesiknowsports.wordpress.com

Gray Sports Guy

Why: The Gray Sports Guy shares sports analysis and focuses on teams and players alike. A fantastic read.

Website: graysportsguy.wordpress.com

Die Hard Sport

Why: Die Hard Sport has news, analysis, and much more from pretty much every sport that you want to know about.

Website: diehardsport.com

The Everyday Man’s Sports Blog

Why: Mike writes about the latest in sports and beyond all the time, and is certainly
The Everyday Man when it comes to blogging.

Website: theeverydaymanssportsblog.wordpress.com


Why: The Jsportsblogger gives new opinionated ideas in sports on Jsportsblogger.wordpress.com.

Website: jsportsblogger.wordpress.com


Why: 15-year old Chris writes about the latest news and analysis of Boston Sports and much more.

Website: bostonsportscp.wordpress.com

Ballahollics Only (What is left on The Floor)

Why: What is left on The Floor is a great basketball blog that focuses on NBA and gives fantastic NBA Analysis like no other blog.

Website: ballahollicsonly.wordpress.com

From the Nosebleed

Why: Clifford, a RBNY (New York Red Bulls) fan living in Florida, shares opinions on RBNY, MLS, and American Soccer in general.

Website: fromthenosebleed.wordpress.com

The Sports Edification

Why: Jason, the Sports Guru (I’ll say it clearly, NOT the Sportz Guru, they’re two completely different blogs) writes a versatile style for all kinds of sports fans.

Website: thesportsedification.wordpress.com (formerly guru9.wordpress.com)

To the Point Sports

Why: The name pretty much says it all. Everyday, there’s a new post asking a question and sharing opinions from the writer and support to back up those opinions, with a point. Literally.

Website: tothepointsports.wordpress.com/

Sports Attitudes

Why: Just like the tagline says: “Sports yes…but so much more…” The same can be said about Sports Attitudes.

Website: sportsattitudes.com

Fantasy Furnace

Why: Fantasy Furnace is a great fusion of great sports analysis/news and great fantasy sports analysis/news rolled up into one fantastic blog.

Website: fantasyfurnace.com

Too Soxy for my Shirt

Why: Lauren, a Red Sox super-fan, shares her hilarious opinions on everything Sox and beyond, with unmatched voice and opinions. One of the funniest and most interesting blogs out there.

Website: toosoxy.wordpress.com

Jay’s Jems

Why: A very informative site with both long and short pieces, every one ending with a catchphrase: Ignite the Site! Great for both casual and hard-core fans. 

Website: jaysjems.wordpress.com


31 Responses to Other Blogs I like

  1. tlm87 says:

    Thanks for liking Three Strikes. I’d like to think I have a unique view. Hopefully, more people want to check it out at tlm87.wordpress.com.


  2. Max. W says:

    Thanks for putting my blog up on your site. It means a lot. I already have more views just from today.

  3. Bobby Charts says:

    I want to send you a email but didnt see that you had one, anyway. I just wanted to thank you for your daily reading of my blogs and your the effort you put in to making comments! Seriously Thank You!!!

  4. hey would love to be on this page can you please put me on it
    God bless

  5. thanks so much
    it means a lot to me

  6. hey when you get a chance check out my new blog Seattle Legacy its still in progress but its gonna be cool once its done

  7. how did you find Sam’s blog

  8. brief22 says:

    This is Sam from Sam’s Sports Brief on sambrief.com, I just put your blog, The News of Sports on my “Other great blogs” page on my blog.

    Yours is great!


  9. Hey News of Sports check out this site I found http://www.eheheheh.wordpress.com

  10. Do you play fantasy football

  11. ya sounds great are you doing espn

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