New Start

I very well might have written my final post on The News of Sports. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m done blogging, nor does that mean I’m not still following sports. I’m definitely doing both, but I’ve decided to change paths. What do I mean? Well, in addition to writing and being the main person and co-founder at the newly revamped Already Booked, I’ve been thinking that I’ll start a new sports blog and get rid of every other blog I had (Fresh Fantasy Help, and I already stopped Video Games Guide). However, the main thing is, since I’m living outside of the USA, and have been since the start of this blog, it’s not fun to rely on ESPN or other websites for my USA sports information. I don’t want to write about the NBA if I can’t watch any games. I’m still following all the American sports, but I have been following other sports more since it’s more accessible. I think I’m going to start a cricket blog, as it’s quickly become one of my favorite sports. I realise that most of The News of Sports’ readers are from the USA and don’t know cricket, but I’m hoping you guys will check it out if you like. I want to thank everyone that has commented and read my posts over the last 27 months or so. Who knows, I may reconsider, but I’ll post the link to the new blog when it’s ready. I’m really excited as I won’t have to worry about posting about all different sports, even though I love to do just that.


Thanks so much, and I’m quite glad to actually be able to post consistently for the first time in about a year on the new site. The link’ll be posted when I start the blog.



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7 Responses to New Start

  1. All of here at Fantasy Furnace wish you much success. We used to read your posts frequently as you know, and are big fans.

    • Thanks so much. I know, I really appreciate your support, especially in the last few months, when writing’s been difficult. I’ll definitely continue to follow Fantasy Furnace, which remains one of my go-to blogs when I’m looking for fantasy pick-ups and the like.

      I’ll post the link to the new blog when it’s ready! I’m guessing you probably don’t know much about cricket, but that’s not a big deal, I’d just appreciate if you looked at the site and perhaps make a comment. Thanks!

  2. WarEagle30 says:

    What are your future plans with this blog? If you’re looking for someone to keep it up, I’m very interested. College Football is my specialty, but I do watch NBA, MLB, and a little golf. Just come over to my blog ( and hit me up. Thank you and good luck in whatever you decided to do.

  3. jaywallis11 says:

    You’ll be missed. Can’t wait to see what is up next!

    • Thanks so much, I just logged back in for the first time in more than 2 months, so I just saw this. I still haven’t decided what I’ll do next, I’m just so busy right now. I saw some of your SLAM magazine posts, they’re really good, congratulations of that fantastic opportunity.

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