Goodbye BCS: You’ve tested my patience

Remember this? You'll be seeing it again.

When people have suggested that we scrap the BCS in favor of a playoff, I’ve always smiled and thought that it would never happen and that it was good enough as is. Now, though, it has tested my patience.

In case you haven’t heard, Alabama and LSU, two SEC teams, are making it to the BCS Championship. By the way, THESE GUYS HAVE ALREADY PLAYED EACH OTHER! Hello?! While these two SEC teams face off again, teams like Houston, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, and Stanford are weeping on the sidelines. It’s just not fair.

And how did this game get chosen again? Oh yeah, by a computer system. It doesn’t matter that Alabama has just as many wins and losses as the aforementioned Houston, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, and Stanford. I guess that any team can make it, and I have a serious problem with that.

I’ve always hated when coaches rant and complain, crying about how unfair it is, not only in college football, but now I encourage them to. How many times have we seen good teams miss the Championship with a perfect record?

I don’t know about you if you were a head coach, but if I were Gary Patterson or Chris Petersen, or now Kevin Sumlin or Mike Gundy, I’d be complaining and crying in the BCS’ ear as much as possible. It’s ridiculous to even play the season if you go undefeated and still don’t make the championship, or even get to contend for it.

Speak your mind, Mike Gundy! Show us that the BCS is unfair.

Sure, making another bowl such as the Rose Bowl is great and all, but is it really a consolation? No, it’s not. Nowadays, basically every team makes a bowl game. It’s ridiculous, but I guess it just says that in the BCS, everyone is winners (and losers), of certain games. There’s no need for the Beef O’ Brady’s Bowl.

Speaking of bowl games, what is the point of these? Is there some satisfaction for winning the Poinsettia Bowl? When someone asks you when you’re a retired coach or player, will anyone be impressed that you won 3 Poinsettia Bowls? No.

There’s no satisfaction and no point of any of these extra games. There’s no point for even the more highly considered bowl games besides the Championship such as the Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl, and Sugar Bowl, is there? It doesn’t determine a certain order.

It’s completely frustrating and downright annoying to go undefeated, have a great season, and still not even make the Championship. It makes you think, “What was the point?” What was the point of this entire NCAA Football season? Were we just the team that had a nice season but wasn’t selected for the championship?

Thankfully, there are more than a handful of supporters of a playoff or at least some sort of different competition format. Even Barack Obama is getting involved, to a point. Of course, the big name schools like the BCS because they’re the ones being “selected” to the Championship. But what about Boise State, Houston, and other smaller name schools?

The counter-argument against the smaller schools not making the championship game is that they play in weak divisions. Point taken, but they all have had some sort of good win and have gone undefeated in Division I, so don’t they have a chance to at least compete, whether they’re in the SEC or Conference USA?

The SEC is one of the favorites. How is it possible that two teams from the same conference are in the championship game? Especially that they have already played this season, where LSU won!

Even if these are arguably the two best teams in the nation, at least let them battle it out a bit with the other undefeated and one win schools!

What is this, a communist party? Where we get to choose our next leader (or in this case, the teams that play in the championship)? Although the BCS is obviously not a communist party, I think this comparison is acceptable.

The SEC is one of the best conferences, I get it. It very well might be the best year in and year out. But I’ve had it with these “super-conferences”. While everyone has their own opinions about what to do with college football, I’ve devised a plan.

I don’t understand why the college season doesn’t become more like the pros. First, you re-align the conferences (what a headache, right after all this re-alignment just the last few months) based on geographical region, like the NFL. The NFL has the AFC East, West, South, and North, and I think that works perfectly for Division I. You play a certain amount of in-conference games, and a few out of conference games. There will be one big “conference”, or in this case, there won’t be an AFC and an NFC type of setup, just one of them. Then, at the end of the season, you have a playoff setup. How many teams it should, be, I’m not sure. I’m not sure whether there should be byes either. All I know is that this would be more fair than the current BCS.

Sure, there are flaws. What about tie-breakers? What do you do there? What about the other teams that don’t make it? Do they just sit at home the rest of the season? I guess so, because I don’t want to see some pointless bowl game on TV anymore. It’s not worth it.

The latest bowl schedule has make my opinion clear: Get rid of the BCS. It’s unfair, it’s boring at times, and it just doesn’t make sense. In any way. So please, whatever lengths we have to take, whether it be Barack Obama, or some other way, scrap the BCS. Completely change the complexity of college football for all I care. This has got to stop. There’s got to be another way. Right?

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3 Responses to Goodbye BCS: You’ve tested my patience

  1. I hear ya. BCS is bogus.

    On another note, would you like to be picked up as a writer for my blog? Currently looking for a few more writers for the upcoming basketball and baseball season.

    • BCS is bogus. Oh, your blog’s coming back? Great! Sorry, I’m really busy with my three blogs, but I can definitely guest post or something once in a while. Can’t wait to see your site up. Also, I’ll send you an email about fantasy basketball.

  2. Bobby Charts says:

    I hear ya. Personally you know I don’t have a problem with BCS! My whole thing once we have a playoff system after about 5 years people will see that it’s not big of a deal. Like when LSU beats Bama again what does that show that a playoff system just shows us who is the best second?

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