Sehwag smashed the highest ODI score ever in match against West Indies

India batsman Virender Sehwag smashed the bowling from the West Indies during a fantastic innings, scoring an amazing 219 runs in 47 overs. Sehwag broke the record for the most ever runs in an ODI, and did so in the 44th over. Amazingly, he led his side to 418 runs in the fourth of five ODI’s in the series in India versus the West Indies. The match is continuing as I speak, but Sehwag’s achievement can not be denied. In case you were wondering, the second highest score now after Sehwag is 175, set by…Sehwag himself, in the World Cup this year! If you don’t understand much about what I’m talking about, read below.



This is incredible and I was stunned when I saw this. I’m a big cricket fan, and a double century is basically unheard of, and is rarely even seen in Test matches. To do it in an ODI is beyond amazing. In case you’re wondering, here are some things you might want to know if you don’t know much about cricket.

ODI= One Day International, a match where each side bowls 50 overs. Overs are a set of 6 balls thrown, or “bowled”, as it is called.

ODI’s are one of three main formats of cricket. There are Test matches, which go on for five days (incredible, right?), and ODI’s, which are used in the World Cup, and lastly Twenty20s, or just T20s, which are newer and are only 20 overs, so they’re considered the “new” cricket and appeals more to outsiders because it is shorter. If you think I should write a post on how to play cricket, please comment. I was going to do that, but I ended up scrapping the “How to” sports posts, as they took up too much time and I didn’t have that amount of time.

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2 Responses to Sehwag smashed the highest ODI score ever in match against West Indies

  1. unclemonkey says:

    I don’t know much about cricket and would love to learn more about it. Great post!

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