Turkey Day Picks

I’ll make it short and sweet, but here are my Thanksgiving picks and short previews.

Green Bay vs. Detroit

Pick: Green Bay

Why: Why not? The Pack are undefeated, and while I don’t think they’ll end the season that way, they won’t lose to their division rivals on Thanksgiving. They’re just too good, even on the road.

Miami vs. Dallas

Pick: Dallas

Why: Even if Miami’s starting to fall out of contention for the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes (meaning they’re actually winning), the Cowboys are picking up the slack and are starting to play with passion and power. They beat up on the Bills last week 44-7 and I think they’ll continue that pace at 4:15 ET today.

San Francisco vs. Baltimore

Pick: Baltimore

Why: Wow, this was a hard one to pick. First I thought the 49ers, but then I remembered how good the Ravens are. Even if the ‘Niners are 9-1, I still question their offensive line and how effective Alex Smith will be in this game.


Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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3 Responses to Turkey Day Picks

  1. brief22 says:

    What about San Fran’s defense? They have not allowed a rush TD all season and should win tonight.

  2. Bobby Charts says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Nik!
    I got the Lions, Cboys and Niners we will see should be fun.
    Short and sweet is nice!

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