OK, this is a fail

Let me just say this: the 1 year anniversary is actually December 6th, not November 6th. My bad. As my friends would say, FAIL!

Sorry, completely my fault, I mixed up the dates, but thanks for the Congrats comments anyway!

Sorry again.

The News of Sports

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5 Responses to OK, this is a fail

  1. agraysports says:

    Hey! Thanks for the feedback! I am totally interested in joining your fantasy basketball league. What happens in the case of a lost season? Comment on my blog with a response!

    • Sure, no problem. Great! To be honest, I haven’t set anything up, as I’m very doubtful that a season will happen. In the case of a lost season, I guess that just means wait till next year. Also, fantasy baseball I’ve been thinking about as well, even if it’s a while off.

  2. unclemonkey says:

    Congrats on 1 year! We learn so much from failure. Looking forward to another year!

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