Sorry for the lack of material

Sorry that there’s hardly been anything on The News of Sports in the last 2-3 months. I’ve been saying this too much, but I’ve been really busy and the blog’s suffered because of it. I can promise though that there will be new posts in less than a week. I’m writing a “book” for NaNoWriMo (check it out at for the young writer’s version). It’s a great contest, in November you have to try and write a “novel”. You can set a word goal in the young writer’s version, or try for 50,000 words in a month in the adults version. It’s a lot of fun. The piece I’m working on is about Steve Jobs, I might post it when I’m done. Just warning you, this month might be pretty bad for The News of Sports as well. Sorry once again, but thanks for the continued support through comments and views.


-The News of Sports

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4 Responses to Sorry for the lack of material

  1. brief22 says:

    I look forward to more posting!

  2. unclemonkey says:

    You amaze me the more I learn about you. You have such high aspirations. Keep dreaming!

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