3 thoughts on the NCAA Football Season so far

Yep, those Longhorns were no match for these guys

1. The Sooners are looking really good

Oklahoma thrashed Texas in the Red River Rivalry yesterday 55-17 in a game that was never very close. Texas was a mess offensively for much of the game and Oklahoma’s offense was clicking. Landry Jones threw for 367 yards, 3 TDs, and is looking like the Heisman contender that he was at the start of the season. Watch out world: the Sooners are coming your way.

Jarrett Lee is looking like a Heisman favorite.

2. LSU very strong

I said Landry Jones is looking like a Heisman contender, but one of the favorites right now has to be Jarrett Lee, QB of the Louisiana State University Tigers. I just made LSU sound all fancy, but the reality is, Lee is leading this team to heights that I didn’t expect them to be in. LSU thrashed #17 ranked Florida yesterday and showed why they’re numero uno en los Estados Unidos (number one in the United States of America). I just can’t believe that Jordan Jefferson thinks he should be the starting QB. Seriously?

3. Wait for the upset week

So far this year, there haven’t been many huge upsets. I’m expecting one or two to happen in the next 2 weeks. Usually around mid-season, the upsets start to happen, and I’m predicting a top 7 team goes down next week. Just a gut call, but even though the top teams have all looked very solid, they have to fall sometime. Right? Right!?

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6 Responses to 3 thoughts on the NCAA Football Season so far

  1. unclemonkey says:

    Hard to say what will happen with Oklahoma, Wisconsin, LSU and Alabama – they all look good. I wouldn’t be surprised to see LSU and/or Alabama have at least 1 loss (since they play each other). Wouldn’t be surprised, though, to see Stanford sneek in as an undefeated – but would an undefeated Stanford have the BCS rating to beat out a 1 loss LSU/Alabama? Not sure about that. My picks are Oklahoma v Alabama for the National Championship while Stanford will play Wisconsin and Boise St will play LSU in BCS games that matter.

    • Thy LSU-Alabama game is going to be awesome. I agree with your BCS National Championship Game prediction.

      • unclemonkey says:

        Fun to look back on this…now it’s looking like LSU will definitely be there if they can handle Georgia. They should, but you never know. Not sure who will likely play them though.

      • Agreed. Jarrett Lee is looking like a Heisman candidate, and you’re right, the BCS is always unpredictable, and if LSU loses- well, who’s left, really? There’s no way they’d put Houston in the BCS National Championship Game, even with an unbeaten record.

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  3. unclemonkey says:

    I honestly am hoping that LSU loses to Georgia. Since I am an alumni of both Virginia Commonwealth and U of Richmond – I don’t have any stakes in the FBS level. I think that is why I like it as much as I do. I find myself rooting against the BCS. You bring up a great point about Houston and wouldn’t that be awesome if they were the only team to finish undefeated but not have a stake in the national title? Can anyone say, playoff!

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