Thoughts on two great players in their respective sports

A rare show of emotion from the best closer ever.

1. Mariano Rivera passed Trevor Hoffman to become the saves king with 602 saves earlier this week. I don’t know what your opinion is on Rivera, whether you’re a Yankees fan or not (I’m not), but still, you have to respect this guy. He’s been the most generous and classy man in baseball for almost 20 years. He’s incredible as a closer and his ability to not show emotion is incredible to me. A big congrats to Mariano Rivera on that. Undoubtably the greatest closer of all time.


Sure, Mike Modano only won 1 Stanley Cup, but he was much more than a player.

2. Mike Modano retired from hockey as, in my mind, for sure one of the greatest Americans to ever play. If you really think about it, Modano didn’t just play hockey. He was an ambassador to his own country! When the Stars moved from Minnesota, a hockey mad state, to Dallas, there was a lot of criticism, and rightly so, because what did Dallas know about hockey? Nothing. Texas was (and is still mainly) a baseball and hockey state, with a little basketball love. Modano changed that pretty quickly when he won the Stanley Cup in 1999 and Dallas fell in love with hockey. There’s an excellent article by Richard Durrett of about Modano’s career here.

Also, I promised you to be fully back posting but I failed to do that. Sorry. I’ve been working more on my other two blogs, and I’ll be back posting (for sure) on this blog this week, including the big post on rugby.

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9 Responses to Thoughts on two great players in their respective sports

  1. Chris Ross says:

    I can only imagine if the Dallas Stars had chosen Trevor Linden instead of Mike Modano. Linden is huge in Vancouver but man if Modano had slipped it, it would have been pretty sweet for Vancouver. You know, just saying.

  2. brief22 says:

    Great post! You were surely correct when you said “a rare show of emotion my Rivera” because one of the things about him is that he never shows emotion. It was great to see him pop a grin.

  3. Rivera is surely a beast. Teams have almost no chance of scoring on him.

    I saw Modano once in a airport a couple years ago when he was injured. He was with a very fine lady friend. Became a fan of his after that.

  4. pokies says:

    I just read a listing of ‘the 100 items to do before you die’. I’m fairly surprised ‘yell for help’ wasn’t 1 of them…

  5. Big Modano fan. Enjoyed his play over the years. Rivera…what can you say? The longevity, the class…all in the bright lights of NYC.

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