La Liga season on strike, when will it end?

If you’re a soccer (football) fan, you’ve probably heard about how Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been affected by the strike in La Liga, the Spanish football league. Currently, the league is in a “lockout” of its own. Where have we heard this before (Sarcasm)? The season was scheduled to start this past weekend and Barcelona was looking to repeat. This is the first work stoppage for the league in 27 years. The players of every team in the top two divisions agreed to suspend work. The season might start in September, as the first two “rounds” (weeks) won’t be played. As fellow blogger Mike Conner ( said here, this work stoppage actually makes sense for the players. They’re getting vastly underpaid and teams are trying to negotiate after giving them contracts for higher amounts of money. Quite simply, some of these teams can’t afford to pay top-notch players. Add in the fact that there’s a bankruptcy problem, and a law that lets clubs who can’t afford players to re-negotiate or delay paying the players their salaries. As you can see, this is a BIG problem. Clubs owe up to $72 million in unpaid wages to more than 200 players (fact from So what is there to do as a solution? I’ll go back to Mike.

“All players should be paid their wages and I applaud all of the players for taking a stand together until this is resolved.  But then again, one has to think, the major clubs like Barca and Real Madrid in Spain; Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea in England are probably the cause in the first place.  Other clubs can not keep up with the free spending and eventually fall into financial troubles.  Maybe each of the countries football associations should set some sort of cap on spending.”

Well said. I agree, La Liga should have some sort of salary cap because this is getting out of hand. Imagine how angry the players must be because they’re not immediately getting the money they deserve. That’s why I think there should be some sort of cap implemented for the meanwhile until Spain and La Liga can get this sorted out, otherwise as soon as that, Messi and Ronaldo, and Co. very well might be headed out the door.

Fix your problem soon La Liga, or else Messi and Co. may run right out of your league.

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  1. unclemonkey says:

    Thanks for the plug! Much appreciated – I’ll link you sometime too – I was actually thinking of doing it on your MLS post.

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