The league is officially ready!

Sorry it took so long, I was trying to figure out why ESPN was sending me an error message saying I had too many teams… I didn’t realize it meant my account had already 10 free teams, the limit. Oh well. So I got that figured out and the stuff is the same, Bloggers League is the name, it’s private so make sure you click “Private” when you’re looking for it. Password is bloggers. I made the draft at 2:30 PM Eastern USA Time on Saturday August 27th. I made it half an hour than I said in my last post, it’s just a little easier for me, I hope it’s not too big of a difference. The league’s 10 people, so sign up soon! It’s free of course. Oh, and it’s a H2H (Head to Head) league and the draft is a snake draft, in case you’re wondering.

Other Facts about the league:

No Undroppable List

*I can’t stand those. I had Tom Brady the year he got hurt and was screwed for the rest of the season. It’s a bit unfair.

Trading Deadline: November 30th, at 12 PM ET.

*I like having a deadline sometimes, but not always. Since it’s a private league, I’ll make a deadline, it makes things interesting then.

No Trade Review

*Don’t like these either. If one person is dumb enough to give up Adrian Peterson for.. say Brett Favre (who as of now is retired), then the person who got AP should be allowed to be happy and really lucky. It’s not his/her fault that the other person made a terrible mistake. It gets annoying as well, does the trade review.

I’m feeling really generous, I’ll make the regular season only 11 weeks, but give 6 out of 10 teams a playoff spot, and two weeks per matchup. It’s fun when the favored seed goes down in the first round or something. Also, #1 and #2 seeds have byes first matchup. Other than that, have fun and be sure to join!

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8 Responses to The league is officially ready!

  1. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed now.

  2. caniacwiz says:

    Sounds good. Just joined.

  3. Sounds awesome can’t wait till Saturday. I call Michael Vick and Plaxico Burress.

  4. unclemonkey says:

    Hey, any word on the draft time?

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