Manchester United beats FC Barcelona in World Football Challenge

Nani was a big part of Manchester United's win against FC Barcelona Saturday night.

Michael Owen and Manchester United got revenge against Spanish giant FC Barcelona by beating them 2-1 in front of a packed crowd at FedEx Field Saturday night. Nani started out the scoring when he got the ball past FCB goalie Victor Valdes in the 22nd minute, putting Man U up early against the team that they lost to in the Champions League Final, 3-1. The score stayed at 1-0 until the 70th minute, when Thiago equalized the score on a strike that went past new goalkeeper David De Gea. Michael Owen came up huge though, scoring 6 minutes later in what would be the decider. This was the last game for Manchester United in the 2011 World Football Challenge before they start their domestic season (EPL) on August 14th.

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4 Responses to Manchester United beats FC Barcelona in World Football Challenge

  1. Bobby Charts says:

    I meant to put 5 star buy hand slipped, lol. I think this world football challenge was a great thing, hopefully it grows every year!

  2. unclemonkey says:

    Love the world football challenge but I think if this game meant anything, we might have seen more of the Barcelona domination like we did in the Champions League final.

  3. David Casarez says:

    Love the soccer post! I am glad soccer is getting some pub in the U.S.

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