Notable transactions and opinion: MLB: July 27th

Move: Chicago White Sox traded Edwin Jackson and infielder Mark Teahen to the Toronto Blue Jays for Jason Frasor and Zach Stewart.

Analysis: Pretty much a win-win. The White Sox got two relievers who could help them down the stretch and possibly be a big part in their playoff bid. The Blue Jays get two players who were supposed to be really good, but neither of them performed all that well, but they’re still young, so there’s hope. The Jays are nowhere in the playoff race, so this deal works out for both teams.

Fantasy Baseball Analysis: The only fantasy factor in this deal is Edwin Jackson, but this isn’t the end of his day (see the next move), so he won’t be on the Jays for long. Other than that, Mark Teahen won’t do much for the rest of the season, so that’s pretty much it.


Move: St. Louis Cardinals traded Colby Rasmus, Trever Miller, Brian Tallet, and PJ Walters to the Toronto Blue Jays for Edwin Jackson, Marc Rzepczynski and Corey Patterson.

Analysis: This is a bigger move. Colby Rasmus has a lot of potential but never really lived up to it in St. Louis. A change in scenery will probably help a lot. Trever Miller and Brian Tallet are good pitchers, and for the Cardinals, getting Edwin Jackson (see, I told you he wasn’t done with the trade to Toronto), Rzepczynski, and Patterson makes the deal a good one. The Cards win this trade.

Fantasy Baseball Analysis: Rasmus will have more playing time in Toronto, and that likely means bad news for Rajai Davis, who will get less playing time. Perhaps Colby Rasmus will do better in Toronto in a less-pressure situation on a non-contending team. Edwin Jackson will like having a good offense behind him, and should get some more run support.


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