Women’s World Cup begins

The Women's World Cup 2011 starts today!

The 2011 Women’s World Cup from Germany begins today with Nigeria kicking off against France and host Germany facing Canada. The USA plays Tuesday against North Korea. They haven’t won since 1999. Germany is the defending champion and are co-favorites alongside the USA and Brazil this year. Here are my picks for the two matches today.

Nigeria: 1

France: 0


Germany: 2

Canada: 0


The Full Women’s World Cup Group Stage schedule is here. The tournament will be shown on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3.com. The Women’s World Cup is from June 26th to July 17th.

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4 Responses to Women’s World Cup begins

  1. unclemonkey says:

    Don’t really follow women’s soccer too much, but you have to think that Germany would be the favorite since they are the host. I’m not sure of the USA’s chances, I really don’t think they are that good any more. Again, just like the men, tactically, we are not very good and not technically sound. In women’s soccer, the rest of the world has caught up and surpassed us. It would have been unheard of for the US women to lose to Mexico, but that has become a reality.

  2. David Casarez says:

    Germany looked beast today. We’ll see how their main competition -USA & Brazil- fair later this week.

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