Jim Riggleman resigns

Jim Riggleman resigned after not getting a contract extension.

Thursday Jim Riggleman asked the Nationals to give him an option for the 2012 season or he would quit. Less than a day later, that’s exactly what he did. Quit. After a 1-0 walk off win to cap off a sweep of the Seattle Mariners, Riggleman shocked the Nationals and the MLB by unexpectedly resigning, and the Nats don’t know who to turn to now. Bench coach John McLaren is managing right now, and Davey Johnson is expected to take the job. Riggleman becomes the second big league manager to resign this week, as Edwin Rodriguez resigned from the managerial job for the Florida Marlins on Sunday, but in a more understandable situation. The 58-year old Riggleman was with his 4th team managing, and is 662-884 overall as a manager. He was 140-172 with the Nationals, but left at a strange time.

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