Looking back once again

I picked my Wimbledon champion months ago and it was Roger Federer. I’m going to stick with that pick, actually. Roger looked really impressive a few weeks ago on clay, and now that he’s on a much better surface for him, look for him to win his first career major. This was my direct quote from that post. “Federer rebounds from a surprising defeat at Wimbledon in 2010, winning in 4 sets against crowd favorite Andy Murray.” I have to say, I still think that’s going to happen. Andy Murray has been really impressive this year on grass, and I was surprised he did so well on clay. Look for him to have a strong tournament, but he’s never been able to get the huge win over Federer when he needs to. I see that trend continuing as Murray flops in the final. On the women’s side, I chose….Caroline Wozniacki. Yikes. This is a tough pick, especially with the Williams sisters back. I’m going to change that pick to Maria Sharapova. I’m really going out on a limb here, I have absolutely no confidence in this pick. I have no idea how the women’s tournament is going to pan out. It’s just way too wide open. I don’t think either Venus or Serena wins in their second tournaments back. It’s just not physically possible for them at this point in time. They will be contenders at the US Open though. Here is my direct quote from the post where I made these picks, titled “Tennis Awards”. “Wozniacki proves that it’s her time, and wins her first Grand Slam in her young career.” I’ll change that a little bit to something like “Maria Sharapova breaks out of her Grand Slam slump and wins a gritty final over Petra Kvitova.

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