Ricky Rubio’s coming to Minnesota!

Ricky Rubio was selected as the #5 overall pick in 2009, but has decided to now come to the NBA.

It’s official, Ricky Rubio is bound for the NBA and will play for the Minnesota Timberwolves starting this upcoming season. The 20-year old point guard from Spain is going to be flashing his skills in the NBA, and says it is “his dream”. The Timberwolves drafted Rubio in the 2009 NBA Draft with the 5th pick, but chose to stay in Spain and hone his skills. The most important reason why he didn’t come to the USA then was because of a hefty buyout fee from Joventut, his first Spanish team before going to play for Barcelona. Rubio didn’t want to pay for the buyout with his own money. The buyout then costed Rubio $6 million, but went down to a less expensive $1.4 million when Rubio decided to play alongside Kevin Love and in the NBA. Rubio’s international career is already great. He has a number of achievements, one of the greatest leading Spain to the 2008 Olympic Championship Game in which Spain lost. Rubio was impressive playing against some of his soon-to-be fellow NBA players. However, Rubio didn’t fare well at Barcelona, scoring a meager 6.5 points from a bench role. Fortunately for him, T’Wolves president David Kahn, who was eager to select Rubio in the draft a few years ago. This move is great news for Minnesota, who were in dire need of a point guard, especially a playmaker such as Rubio. Not much speculation arose as the Timberwolves quickly announced that Rubio will wear jersey number 9. A special offer celebrating Rubio’s arrival has season tickets for two for only 9$ a game, a nod to Rubio’s jersey number.

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