Dallas Mavericks win 2011 NBA Championship

Congrats to the Dallas Mavericks!

I’m not going to post a news recap like I have done the previous games, so I’ll free-write this one. Meaning, I’ll just give some opinion on some topics I want to touch on.

1. Congrats

First and foremost, congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks for winning the title. Dirk Nowitzki deserved the NBA Finals MVP and got it. He wasn’t great in Game 6, but was good enough down the stretch and Jason Terry was absolutely awesome in Game 6, scoring 27 points off the bench. To be honest, the Mavericks were the better team and smoother and more complete team throughout the series, and that especially proved true in Game 6, in Miami, where the Heat were 9-1 in the playoffs previously. Great end to a great series.

2. Retirement?

Jemele Hill of ESPN.com wrote this column saying, er, nicely suggesting that it’s time for veteran Jason Kidd to retire after winning his first title in three tries, losing two times as a member of the New Jersey Nets. She’s got a point, going out on top is always nice, but there’s always a “what if” quality of retiring on top. Works for some, not so much for others. Ultimately his call. Besides Kidd, the rest of the veteran-heavy Mavericks should be effective for at least 3 or 4 more years.

3. LeBron

You knew I was going to get to Mr. James sooner or later, didn’t you. Quite simply, LeBron wasn’t good enough. His postgame news conference didn’t help, either. He was better in Game 6, but not even close to good enough. 21 points, 6 assists, and 4 rebounds. On SportsCenter this morning, LeBron was shown multiple times on plays standing in the same spot, passing around the ball, and every time the ball was turned over. The thing that gets to me wasn’t that he choked, which he absolutely did in my mind, wasn’t that he crumbled like Oreos in milk during the NBA Finals, but that he wasn’t being that facilitator that he usually is, the same explosive player that crushed the Bulls and made us remember why he’s the most exciting player in the NBA, and arguably the best. It seemed to me that he was just there for the ride, there to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a chance to win a NBA title, and just decided to watch from a distance, and it seemed that he almost expected the title to come to him. LeBron, nobody, not Jordan, not anybody can expect to win and does win without doing anything. That, in a nutshell, was LeBron in the Finals. A sad effort. I really feel bad for Chris Bosh, I really do. I’ll get to him in a little bit.

4. Dirk

Dirk Nowitzki finished 9 for 27 in a gritty effort, but when the Mavs needed him, he delivered as always. Throughout the game, there was a live video shot of Dirk’s hometown of Würzberg, Germany, and a packed bar with fans up early in the morning to watch their hero win his first championship. It really was great to see, the support Dirk gets in his home country is amazing. It’s always special to see a game like basketball affect so many people, whether it’s in Dallas, Miami, or even Germany and Cleveland. Any doubts about Dirk should be absolutely squashed by now, he did everything a championship winning player does: deliver.

5. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade

Wade was HUGE in Game 1, 2, and 3 for Miami, but along with the rest of the Heat he kind of faded down the stretch.  Bosh was the most consistent player for the Heat in the Finals, in my opinion. Today I was talking with my good friend about Bosh, and he said that Bosh was the most consistent player on the Heat this season, and was a better move than LeBron going to Miami. I’m not sure I completely agree, but there was no doubt who was the better player in Game 6. Bosh was 7-9 from the floor, scored 19 points and added 8 rebounds. All skeptics should be shut up after that performance. His jump shot was silky smooth and he was by far the best Heat player on the court Sunday night. He shouldn’t be worried or doubt his performance this postseason, unlike LeBron.

Yes, this was a longer piece, one that I love doing but rarely do. I wonder, should I keep doing this instead of the news article piece? I’m not sure, I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments section. Please let me know, I enjoy both but as a reader which way do you like more? Thanks.

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4 Responses to Dallas Mavericks win 2011 NBA Championship

  1. David Casarez says:

    I like this a little better. It gives it a personal touch.

  2. Bobby Charts says:

    agree with David, I like it. I like your stuff beofre as well, your call. But I like the point by point, can catch differant peoples eyes for differant things, like scimming the headlines.
    LeBron is just weird, i dont know what else to say, just weird. If he had Kobes heart and desire LeBron would win 8 titles!
    Bosh had the best post game interview also on heat, bosh said “the heat have alot of work to do this off season”, LeBron was like “I” put in the work you guys dont see it, ok whatever dude.
    I agree with bosh!

    • Thanks. OK, I’ll probably keep doing both, and switch off from time to time. LeBron doesn’t have the tools to win 8 titles, and the tool he’s missing is strength, and courage. He just fell apart at the end of the FInals. Bosh had the best series and acknowledged that the Heat have work to do.

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