Heat win crucial Game 3 in Dallas

Chris Bosh nailed a game-winning shot with 39.6 seconds remaining to beat the Dallas Mavericks 88-86.

Coming into Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Chris Bosh had never won a game as a professional in his hometown of Dallas. He was 0-8. That changed Sunday night, as Bosh overcame a poor-shooting game and nailed the game-winning jumper from the left hand corner with 39.6 seconds remaining to beat Dallas 88-86. Dirk Nowitzki, who had been so amazing all series, missed a jumper with Udonis Haslem in his face, clanging the ball off the back rim, and the Miami Heat are in good position for the rest of the series. Dwyane Wade played the role of leader, yelling words of encouragement in Bosh’s and LeBron James’ faces all night. Wade was fantastic once again, scoring 29 points after a blistering first half, and added 11 rebounds. The win was very important statistically as well, as since the NBA adopted their current playoff format, in 1985, the team that won Game 3 of the NBA Finals when the series was previously tied has won every series. Barring a comeback from the Mavericks, the Heat will make it 12-for-12 in that category. The Heat nearly had a case of déjà vu, blowing a 14-point lead after blowing a 15-point lead in a Game 2 loss, but recovered toward the end with solid defense and timely shooting. Bosh nailed the game-winner after suffering an eye injury in the first quarter, and it affected his game all night, shooting only 7-18 from the floor, scoring 18 points. LeBron James scored 17 points and added 9 assists for Miami. Nowitzki was again fantastic in the final quarter, scoring 15 of his 34 points, but got virtually no help once again, and the lack of support has been a running theme this series. Game 3 is Tuesday night.

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2 Responses to Heat win crucial Game 3 in Dallas

  1. David Casarez says:

    In all the “hub bub’ of Dirk, Wade, LeBorn etc., Bosh hitting the winning shot kind of got swept under the carpet. I didn’t realize he has yet to win in Dallas, and I’m from Big D. Good piece of insight bro!

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