French Open Day 12 review and look ahead: Men

Notable Day 12 completed matches

No Men’s singles matches

Well, today was an off day for the men, and tomorrow will be the same for the women. Not much to talk about on a day with no matches. Moving on.

Day 13 notable scheduled matches and predictions

#1 Rafael Nadal vs. #4 Andy Murray

Prediction: Nadal in 4 sets

#2 Novak Djokovic vs. #3 Roger Federer

Prediction: Djokovic in 4 sets

Well, I was thinking of predicting Nadal in straight sets, but then I realized that Murray is playing on an injured ankle and still made it this far. Nadal very well might win this match in 3 sets, but Murray’s new aggressive approach due to his injury and him being unable to run well might serve well against Nadal. Now, I’m not saying he will beat Nadal in any way, but Murray – one ankle is still a very good player. For the Djokovic-Federer match, I was very surprised to see on the Roland Garros website that they called Nadal-Murray the “Match of the Day”. Yes, the #1 player is playing, but Djokovic-Federer? What more can you ask for? A lot depends on this match. #1 ranking, Djokovic tying John McEnroe for most consecutive wins to start a season, and much, much more. Federer has been, frankly, awesome during this tournament, breezing by everyone so far. Djokovic has been perfect. I think Fed takes a set off of Djokovic, but I don’t see much more, sadly. I want to be wrong and see a great 5-set thriller.

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