French Open Day 12 review and look ahead: Women

Notable Day 12 completed matches

#6 Li Na defeated #7 Maria Sharapova 6-4, 7-5

#5 Francesca Schiavone defeated #11 Marion Bartoli 6-3, 6-3


OK, I’ve got a little more time to analyze today, no super-important news like Shaq retiring, so here’s what I saw while watching both matches. Firstly, the Li-Sharapova match was won by Li…and the wind. You could repeatedly hear Cliff Drysdale, one of the tennis announcers saying how much the wind was affecting the match, especially in the second set. It was completely affecting the players, as both are modern women’s tennis hard hitters, and they both play like the match is being played on the hard court. Sharapova didn’t play well in either set, hitting too many double faults and missing chances she should have converted. Those mistakes turned into a straight set loss, and Sharapova remains a French Open title away from a career Slam, or a “Shara-Slam”, as some call it. The wind wasn’t as big a factor for the Schiavone-Bartoli match, Schiavone was just way too good for Bartoli, even with the French crowd behind her. Bartoli didn’t have that extra “oomph” on her double handed forehands and backhands (yes, she hits with two hands on both). Schiavone and that Federer-esque backhand (OK, maybe I’m exaggerating) advanced to the final, against Li. Looking forward to it, although I must admit the Men’s semifinals and final looks much more exciting, just because of the talent Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Andy Murray have.

Notable Scheduled Day 13 matches

No Women’s singles matches


Just a rest day, I’m one of the few who would love to see all the other competitions, like Men’s doubles, Women’s doubles, mixed doubles, Juniors, and even wheelchair singles and doubles on TV. Now, I know that that won’t happen anytime soon, but I hope someday, even if it’s on the French Open website they give you a chance to watch those matches, I feel you should have a choice and that everyone’s equal, so you should have every right to watch Esther Vergeer over Robin Soderling (I’m not saying I would, just you should have a choice. It’s only fair, don’t you think?).

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