Thrashers sold, will move to Winnipeg

The Thrashers are moving to Winnipeg, and will likely change their name back to the Jets.

The Atlanta Thrashers were bought by True North Sports and entertainment after weeks of speculation, and will move to Winnipeg, Canada. Winnipeg will be getting their first team since 1996, when the Winnipeg Jets moved to Phoenix and became the Coyotes. Ironically, the Coyotes are another team whose ownership is in doubt. The Thrashers will almost certainly change their name for next season, possibly back to the Jets. The Thrashers were an expansion team in 1999, but have consistently struggled with a low attendance and a seemingly unwilling fan base, one of the smallest in the NHL. MTS Centre, in Winnipeg, Canada, will likely become the new home of the Thrashers, once the deal gets approved by Gary Bettman and the NHL. Winnipeg will stay in the Southeast Division, in the Eastern Conference, the same division Atlanta was in, so the NHL will not realign the divisions and conferences. Various NHL players are from Winnipeg, most notably Chicago Blackhawks captain and center Jonathan Toews. Winnipeg will be the 7th current NHL team located in Canada. The Thrashers will be the first NHL team to relocate since the Hartford Whalers moved to Carolina, and became the Carolina Hurricanes.

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5 Responses to Thrashers sold, will move to Winnipeg

  1. unclemonkey says:

    Wow! I’m glad Winnipeg got a team back, they deserve it before many southern US cities.

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  3. Bheise says:

    Everything about the Thrashers equaled the worst thing in Hockey. Terrible team, with terrible ownership not helped at all by a terrible team name and quite possibly the most hideous uniform combos in all of sports. Bring back the Jets…provided Phoenix is willing to give the name and colors back. Technically they’re the Jets and own the name and colors still etc.

    • Oh definitely. The team actually wasn’t terrible this year, they just faded down the stretch when they should have surged, the ownership was bad. A thrasher is a bird, right? I can’t figure it out. Uh, their old jerseys were awful, especially the newly-retired red alternates that had nothing to do with their team colors. I actually like their light blue jerseys, but I’m glad they are going to a good market and a great fan base.

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