What’s coming next

I’m sorry, I’ve been doing virtually nothing on this blog for a while, I’m just really busy, and tired. Luckily, the summer is almost here! Yes! I’ll be starting up the news posts again in a few days, and close to every day starting somewhere around Friday I’ll post every day. I’ve been lazy with The News of Sports, and since time is opening up again, I’ll be posting every day. This also goes for my other blogs, and I regret the lack of recent material.

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6 Responses to What’s coming next

  1. unclemonkey says:

    I understand…I’ve been bogged down with school myself. Two more weeks!

  2. Bobby Charts says:

    Glad to hear, it’s all good life is buzy. Can’t wait to read more of your blogs.

  3. caniacwiz says:

    Good stuff. You juggle pretty much all the major sports out there, so can’t blame ya. Look forwarding to seeing some fresh content.

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