St. John’s knocked out in convincing fashion

With a huge win over St. John's, Gonzaga next meets the nation's leading scorer, BYU's Jimmer Fredette.

Gonzaga proved that rankings aren’t everything, beating St. John’s in convincing fashion, 86-71. Marquise Carter led the 11th-ranked Bulldogs with 24 points, and 6th-seeded St. John’s looked tired and out of sync. Rankings really didn’t matter in this game, as Gonzaga was leading the whole game, and the biggest lead for St. John’s was 6 points. The Bulldogs outrebounded the Red Storm 43-20. Dwight Hardy did his best for St. John’s, who haven’t been in the NCAA Tournament since 2002 until this year, scoring 26 points. But clearly, St. John’s was sorely missing one of their best players, D.J. Kennedy. Kennedy suffered an ACL injury in the Big East Tournament, which Connecticut won. Gonzaga next plays Brigham Young University (BYU), in the Round of 32, Saturday, at 7:45 PM Eastern Time on CBS. Jimmer Fredette scored 32 for BYU to lead them to a 74-66 win over Wofford.

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4 Responses to St. John’s knocked out in convincing fashion

  1. So glad you finally wrote about Jimmer 😛

    I went to high school with him.

    • Wow! Now that’s something you can brag about to friends!

      • Yeah my friends and I have watched him in high school, we watch all of his BYU games today, and we’ll watch him still in the NBA. He’s an extremely talented player and I feel honored that we played on the same football team in high school too 😛 (him on varsity, me on junior varsity though).

        The kid is amazing at pretty much every sport, just give him the ball.

      • He’ll be a star in the NBA, no doubt about it. How good? Not sure, but that’s cool about the football story. Thanks for sharing. You see that all the time, athletes great at many sports. It makes you feel jealous, doesn’t it?

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