Iverson ready to come back to Turkish league team

Allen Iverson, aka "The Answer", will be back playing for Besiktas with Dr. James Andrews' permission.

Allen Iverson just needs a doctor approvement to return to Turkish League team Besiktas after being out for about 2 months. Iverson suffered a calf injury and will need to have famed surgeon Dr. James Andrews approve his return. Iverson, a 11-time NBA All-Star, opted to not get surgery and rehab instead. Besiktas is 14-7 in the first division, and 9 regular season games remain. Besiktas has had no problems, as they are 7-1 since Iverson’s injury. Iverson was averaging 14.3 points and 4.7 assists in Turkey, while playing only 7 games. Iverson signed a 2-year, $4 million deal this past offseason, after having no offers from any NBA teams.

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7 Responses to Iverson ready to come back to Turkish league team

  1. Reese215AiBIGGESTfan says:

    AI Can still play at a high level if you dont think so just watch.i love you ai

  2. Reese215AiBIGGESTfan says:

    You right and I think he will be back in the NBA next year averaging around 18 point

    • I’m not sure anyone’s going to want him. He’s probably going to be forced to retired via the “shun method”. I hate seeing that happen, but I don’t think anyone’s going to be interested.

  3. Brad says:

    It is really sad that Iverson cannot get on an NBA roster. He was definitely the toughest basketball player I’ve ever seen.

  4. Reese215aiBIGGESTfan says:

    Im going to love AI until the day i die and if he dont get picked up next season it doesnt matter because he’s going to go down as the toughest player and with the biggest heart to EVER and i mean EVER play the game.Just look at has rookie year when he went at the great MICHAEL JORDAN and crossed him over.NO one would of EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR had the balls to go at MJ but AI,because he didnt care who you were if you were on the court with him you were at he’s mercy and thats why i love him.

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