Love’s streak comes to an end

Kevin Love's streak of 53 consecutive double-doubles came to an end in a loss to the Golden State Warriors.

Kevin Love’s record for consecutive double-doubles since the ABA/NBA merger came to an end Sunday night in the Timberwolves’ 100-77 loss to the Golden State Warriors. Love finished with only 6 points and 12 rebounds. The streak ends at 53 straight games, and Sunday marked the first time in nearly 4 months that Love didn’t get a double-double. Love trailed only Elvin Hayes, who had 55 consecutive double-doubles. Love has been hampered by a thigh injury, which almost sidelined him during the latter parts of the streak. David Lee guarded Love during the game, and denied Love of any second chance points or potential put-backs. Stephen Curry scored 24 points for Golden State, who improved to 30-36 on the season. Monta Ellis also scored 16 points. Even with 3 times as many losses as wins (their record is 17-51), the Timberwolves points scored was the lowest of the season.

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6 Responses to Love’s streak comes to an end

  1. Brad says:

    That’s a real nice run by Love. I hope the T’Wolves can get a few pieces around him so that he can get into primetime more often. Still highly underrated.

    • Yeah, he’s an extremely underrated player. There’s two things going against him though. First, his team. Obviously, the T’Wolves are a terrible team. The real problem is that he’s not exactly an exciting player to watch. He’s your blue-collar, hardworking rebounder who scores 20-25 points per game.

  2. Bheise says:

    He’s the prototypical player for the old school basketball fan. not flashy, not exciting. He’s not going to be a walking highlight reel like blake griffin, but man, he can fill it up and sure gets after it on the boards. too bad he’s stuck in minnesota.

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