NFL locked out

The lockout has started; Is the cancellation of the 2011 season next?

Well, it’s official. The NFL has officially passed the deadline of 12 AM Eastern Time on Saturday, and will go into a lockout. The 2011 season is now in danger of not being played at all. Neither players nor owners could agree to a new deal and the NFLPA, or the National Football League Players Association, has stopped. The NFLPA also stopped in 1989. At about 5 PM Eastern Time, the NFLPA decided to suspend operations, hours before the deadline.

Brett Favre has something to REALLY cry about now.

The deadline was moved to Saturday morning from last week, when it was extended. The work has stopped for now, but several people are optimistic that the union will try again to have a 2011 season, which is currently not happening. The last professional sports lockout was the 2004-2005 lockout in the NHL.

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4 Responses to NFL locked out

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  2. Toma says:

    Oh boy, does this mean many new hockey fans in the fall of 2011? Either way, I need my NFL fix, college football won’t be the same. I can’t even imagine not watching the Super Bowl next year.

    • I hope so for the NHL, but somehow, I doubt it. That’s a good point. College Football won’t be the same. It might be better off without the NFL for one reason: TV ratings. I can’t imagine no Super Bowl as well.

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