Paciorelly has feeling after scary collision

Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty has feeling in his limbs after a scary collision with Zdeno Chara that knocked him out and had to be carried off into a stretcher. The hit happened with 15.8 seconds remaining in the second period of Tuesday’s 4-1 Canadiens victory over the Boston Bruins. Chara crushed Pacioretty into the beginning of the glass boards near the Boston bench. He was lifted off into a stretcher and the period was ended slightly early due to the injury. Chara could get a suspension or a fine by the NHL, and has been known for using his 6 foot 9 frame and playing physically. Pacioretty has amassed 14 goals and 10 assists this season, and is in his 3rd season in the NHL.

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4 Responses to Paciorelly has feeling after scary collision

  1. Bheise says:

    HOLY CRAP! granted this isn’t the first time i’ve ever seen a play like this but wow! it’s even scarrier considering how huge Chara is. He could have damn near killed him. Unbelievable.

  2. caniacwiz says:

    Just an update: He has a concussion and fractured vertebrae. They say he’s out “indefinitely,” but I’m pretty positive he’s done for the season at the very least. Those vertebrae injuries do not heal quickly. No suspension for Chara as well.

    Head shots becoming a topic around the league… again. Heck, even Canadian government members are getting involved in the discussion.

    • I’d imagine he’d be done after that. That’s a terrible way to end a career season. He’s only 22. Chara should absolutely get a suspension, even though I don’t think he intended to hurt Paciorelly. That way, if someone else does that again, and means to, there will be a punishment no matter what.

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