Shockey released

The former Giants tight end was released by the Saints Tuesday.

Former Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey was released. Jimmy Graham will take over as the starting tight end. The 30-year old tight end had 1 year remaining on his contract, and scored 3 touchdowns, but New Orleans decided that the veteran was too much money to keep. Shockey previously played for the New York Giants, before going to Louisiana in 2008, and winning a Super Bowl with the Saints in 2010. Shockey, perceived as a player not afraid to show his feelings, was drafted by the Giants and played there before getting traded to New Orleans. Graham credits him to being his mentor, and it showed, as Graham showed potential during the season. The Saints lost in the wild-card round, being upset by the Seattle Seahawks 41-36.

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2 Responses to Shockey released

  1. Most logical scenario for Shockey is to go to Indianapolis. He won’t be very expensive to acquire and would be a great pick up for a team that is going to lose some ground due to injury at some point during the season.



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