Caps beat Pens, win season series

The Washington Capitals beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 1-0 yesterday, and won the season series between the two teams. Michal Neuvirth had 39 saves for the Caps, and Alexander Ovechkin scored the lone goal, a fireball of a slapshot past Marc-Andre Fleury.  The short-handed Penguins were again missing Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. Both players are out for an unknown period of time. Washington beat Pittsburgh 3-1 in the 2011 Winter Classic, at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. Ironically, that game was when Crosby sustained the hit to the head, knocking him out, and he has been out for a month and a half. Ovechkin’s goal was his 24th of the year. In 4 games this season, the Capitals are 3-0-1, and this was the last regular season meeting between the two clubs. They have never met in the Stanley Cup Finals.

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4 Responses to Caps beat Pens, win season series

  1. No Crosby = no chance for the Penguins. I think Washington is playing possum, going into the playoffs with no no expectations then, watch out!

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