Flames shut out Canadiens in 2011 Heritage Classic

Miikka Kiprusoff shined for the host Flames, were hot in the icy cold weather in Calgary.

The host Calgary Flames beat the Montreal Canadiens Sunday at McMahon Stadium 4-0 in the 2011 Heritage Classic. With the weather at a brutal 16˚ Fahrenheit, Miikka Kiprusoff was at his best. Kiprusoff saved 39 shots and recorded the 4th shutout of his season. The Finnish goalie said the weather didn’t affect him. The Flames had plenty of offense, as Rene Bourque scored twice, and Anton Babchuk and Alex Tanguay each scored. Carey Price made 33 saves, but obviously wasn’t at his best in the cold Calgary weather, and the unfriendly ice made it even worse for some players. The Heritage Classic was the second outdoor game this season, after New Year Day’s Winter Classic.  McMahon Stadium is home to the Canadian Football League’s Calgary Stampeders. This was the second Heritage Classic, but it was discontinued after starting in 2003 until this year. The wind chill factor was about 2˚ Fahrenheit, and Calgary’s elaborate throwback jerseys stood out in the icy conditions.

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4 Responses to Flames shut out Canadiens in 2011 Heritage Classic

  1. That was a fun game, good for Calgary for winning the Heritage Classic at home. Although a bit less exciting than the Winter Classic, it definitely resembled hockey more than running around on puddles.

    • Definitely entertaining, to tell you the truth, I liked a good old-fashioned hockey game better than a hyped up game. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Winter Classic, but the actual hockey was fantastic to watch. I’ve been looking at you blog every day, love it, I only wish I could subscribe to it by I don’t think I can since it’s a website and not a wordpress blog.

      • Some of my good friends who love hockey didn’t even know about the Heritage Classic (they’re American) and run around with the happiest grins if you even mention the media-hyped rivalry between the Pens and Caps. How they enjoy that but don’t know what the Heritage Classic is, is beyond me.

        Ah thanks for reading! My blog is a WordPress.org that is self hosted so that’s why it doesn’t have some different features from a WordPress.com blog (meaning no subscriptions) but it still has an RSS feed. Doesn’t really matter though, I don’t update as much as you update your blog, which is an excellent read by the way since I don’t normally pay much attention to different sports (helps keep me in the loop).

      • Wow. They are missing so much. Unlike American sports, typically Canadian hockey isn’t viewed by many outside of Canada itself. Me, I love the pureness of Canadian hockey, it is what the sport is about, not the one on one rivalries (Crosby-Ovechkin), the fighting, where we have guys like Matt Cooke, who doesn’t do all too much beside hurt people or at least try to, and the hype and all that leading up to it.

        Sure, that’s fine, I check your blog every day so I really don’t need a subscription anyway. Same goes fr you, your blog is fantastic, especially love the unique videos/news you won’t find anywhere, such as the Turco prank. It’s obviously harder for you to find new material for your posts, and I hope you get more viewers as you continue it, as I see you only started last month. I’m pretty new myself, just started beginning of December. I’m glad you like my blog. I don’t mean to be all “oh look at this” like, but I think you’d enjoy my post on the Thrashers and race in the NHL. Sorry, don’t remember when I posted it but just search “paving the way” to find it. Thanks.

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