NBA All-Star Weekend schedule and predictions: Sunday

Blake Griffin's final round dunk propelled him over JaVale McGee to win the 2011 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.

All I have to say is, what a Saturday night in Los Angeles. The night started off with the Haier Shooting Stars competition, which was, as usual, not very exciting. Nonetheless, Team Atlanta won, and set up a fantastic few competitions. The Skills Challenge was decently exciting, as Stephen Curry won, beating Russell Westbrook in the final round. The Foot Locker 3-Point Contest was pretty exciting, and Heat guard James Jones beat out Paul Pierce and Ray Allen to win. Do you see where I’m going now? And then Boom, the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest was awesome to say the least. I’ve got a message to those who don’t like the Slam Dunk Contest and want to get rid of it. Really? How can you not like a guy dunking 3 basketballs at once (JaVale McGee), a Dr. J impersonation that was actually better, in my opinion, based on where he started (Serge Ibaka), and a guy jumping over a car while a choir sings “I Believe I can Fly”? Every dunk was impressive, and even the two who didn’t make the final round, Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan and Thunder big man Serge Ibaka were impressive. Ibaka was completely ripped off for the Dr. J dunk. TNT, who broadcasted the entire All-Star Saturday, showed replays of Julius Erving’s dunk and then showed Ibaka’s, and you know what? Ibaka actually jumped farther back! Apparently that wasn’t enough for the judges. JaVale McGee should not have finished second. The kid had a dunk where he threw two balls into two hoops, and a dunk with three balls at once. Actually, he had better dunks than the champion, Blake Griffin, in my opinion. He was destined to win. Until this.


Are you kidding me? The dunk was actually not that amazing, but it was the flair and the presentation that won it for Blake Griffin, thanks to Kenny Smith.


Schedule for Sunday

NBA NBA All-Star Game, 8:00 Eastern Time, TNT

Predictions: I say that the Eastern squad is way too talented to lose, and the much more explosive team wins, but it ends up being a close game to the finish. My MVP? Derrick Rose. I think he shows his elite skills to the world, and proves to be the best All-Star of the night.


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One Response to NBA All-Star Weekend schedule and predictions: Sunday

  1. Blake’s numbers wouldn’t be nearly that good if he was on another team. His numbers are that good because the Clippers don’t have anyone else filling the void. Period.

    As for the contest itself, I thought that Blake’s second dunk in the first round could have been one of the greatest dunks ever but he ended up improvising and taking the easy way out.

    The dunk contest should have only lasted a decade. That’s plenty of time for them to show us every possible way that you can throw a ball through a hoop.


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