NBA All-Star weekend schedule and predictons: Saturday

It's too bad Dwight Howard isn't returning to the Slam Dunk contest this year. Someone, likely Blake Griffin, will have to step it up to get to this level.

I was pretty close about the result of the Rookie-Sophomore Challenge, but the thing that astounded me the most was the amount of dunks there were. I really truly expected some defense to be played, and alley-oops were being thrown all over the court. Maybe everyone was really excited about the Dunk Contest.


Haier Shooting Stars, 8:30, TNT

Thoughts: Sorry, no predictions for this one. This event I’ve always thought should be on Friday. This event is basically a placeholder to start off the night, and just give a taste of what the Saturday night will bring. The winners here don’t really matter much.


Taco Bell Skills Challenge, shortly after Haier Shooting Stars, TNT

Players: Stephen Curry, Derrick Rose, John Wall, Russell Westbrook, and Chris Paul

Predictions: Rose will show why he is likely the best point guard in the NBA, and possibly the MVP this year. Don’t count out rookie John Wall, though. I think he’ll get over some nerves and play well.


Foot Locker 3-point Contest

Players: Ray Allen, Kevin Durant, Dorell Wright, James Jones, Paul Pierce, Daniel Gibson

Predictions: Pierce will have a tough time defending his title against teammate Allen and Daniel Gibson. He’ll come close, but no cigar, with Allen coming up big to win.


Sprite Slam Dunk Contest

Players: DeMar DeRozan, Serge Ibaka, JaVale McGee, and Blake Griffin

Predictions: I always love the Dunk Contest, but someone is going to have to come up big to save the competition from possibly being scratched from All-Star Weekend. Blake Griffin should take home that honor but don’t be so surprised if Serge Ibaka does well. DeMar DeRozan should be his usual electric self as well.




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