Sanders released by Indianapolis

Bob Sanders was a standout safety for the Colts, but injuries hampered his past 3 seasons.

Former Pro Bowler safety Bob Sanders has been released by the Indianapolis Colts. Sanders was the NFL Defensive Player of the year three years ago before injuries limited him to 9 games since. The oft-injured Sanders suffered from multiple biceps and arm injuries the past three seasons. Sanders was a big part of the Colts’ 2007 Super Bowl, which the Colts won, 31-17, over the Chicago Bears.

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One Response to Sanders released by Indianapolis

  1. The only thing crazy about this story was the dat: February 18th, 2011. It took this long?

    I am an Iowa fan. I saw Sanders play at U of I and was very impressed. But he was ALWAYS hurt. This is really a testament to how bad the Colts’ defense has been the past seven years. I guess their take was that they had to hang on to Sanders because the D was so bad. I understnad that, but they should have let go two years ago.


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