Cavs stun Lakers

The Cleveland Cavaliers stunned the tired Lakers.

Earlier this season, the Los Angeles Lakers hammered the woeful Cleveland Cavaliers at home by 55 points. Wednesday, the Cavs stunned the defending champs 104-99 at home, winning only their 10th game of the season, thanks in part to backup Ramon Sessions’ 32 points. Pau Gasol scored 30 points and added 20 rebounds, but after their worst loss of the season, no one was happy in LakerLand. Kobe Bryant had 17 points on a horrible 8-for-25 from the floor, and Derek Fisher added 19 points. Count former Cavalier LeBron James as one of the happy fans out there, saying that he was happy for the Cavs. The Lakers head into the All-Star Break on a low, while the Cavaliers end on a surprisingly high note.

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3 Responses to Cavs stun Lakers

  1. Bheise says:

    great game by the Cavs. Too bad they don’t play with that level of hunger and desire all the time.

  2. Eh…The Lakers would lose to a lot of teams right now. If these two played seven the Lake Show would win 6 of them.


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