Celtics beat Heat for 3rd time this season

On opening night of the 2010/2011 NBA season, the Miami Heat failed to beat the Celtics. That same result happened for the third time this season Sunday in a 85-82 loss.

The Miami Heat had the lead in the Eastern Conference over the Boston Celtics going into Sunday’s game. They also had to beat the C’s for the first time in three tries. It didn’t happen. The Celtics won at home in a 85-82 nail-biter. Point guard Rajon Rondo was huge for the Celtics, pitching in a triple-double for Boston with 11 points, 10 assists, and 10 rebounds. Kevin Garnett had 19 points and 7 rebounds. The Heat fought back from a 13-point Boston lead in the fourth quarter, thanks to LeBron James’ 22 points, and Chris Bosh’s 24 point, 10 rebound effort. After climbing back from that hole, James missed a crucial free throw with 12.5 seconds remaining, and even with Paul Pierce’s lowest scoring total in 12 years, one point, Miami surrendered the Eastern Conference lead and home-court advantage in the playoffs to Boston.

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4 Responses to Celtics beat Heat for 3rd time this season

  1. Bheise says:

    I’m so glad Boston won this game. Yes, I’m biased, but I hate the Heat. I also love that the new plan for beating Boston is to wait until they get old. In a year or two. So much for winning multiple titles starting this year… Losers. Can you tell I’m still bitter about the decision?

    • I don’t blame you. I don’t like the Heat either. That is pretty funny. If these guys are old (not Rondo) and still good, they’ll just get older and still be pretty darn good. LeBron joked about winning 1…2…3…4…5…6…7… (you get the point) championships, and personally, I think 2 is a stretch. They just can’t come up big. They’re explosive and can beat any team on any given night, but still can win in a close one to the PACERS. It’s called inconsistency. I’m very aware you’re bitter, what Cleveland fan (or native, for that matter) shouldn’t? If that same thing happened to me, I’d be completely steamed.

  2. Gary B says:

    Let’s be honest, a team of players who have played as a team for a while will usually come out on top against even a team of better players who are pretty new to eachother. The HEAT definitely need some work, but they clearly have the talent needed to beat the Celtics no problem. They’ll get it together eventually, they’re just lacking that team spark that they’ll obviously get soon enough. Hey it was a pretty close game too. Can’t hate on the Celtics they are a great team. PS – I would be bitter about “the decision” too if my team lost Lebron and went on to set the record for most straight losses in sports history. LOL. Cleveland is the worst team in the NBA now. All from losing ONE person. Yes, of course they are mad. Who wouldnt be.

    • Well, obviously, we’ve seen that time and time again this season. I really think the Heat are really close to clicking, they just need to beat Boston to be considered elite. Also, their bench was missing the whole season and now with Mike Miller and House as late game shooters, I think they’re all set for the playoffs. I’m not hating on Boston at all. Maybe it sounded that way but I’m not. Yeah, it can’t be all too fun to be the worst team in the league when your former player is shining for a second place team.

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