Top 10 most tortured fans in baseball, basketball, hockey, and football

10. New York Jets

When Joe Namath guaranteed a Super Bowl victory, little did he know it would be the last for the Jets. They’ve come very close in the last two seasons, though.

9. Toronto Maple Leafs

Hey Maple Leafs, maybe fan Joe Robb was trying to send a message when he through those waffles on the ice. Waffles minus the “w” equals, yup, awful.

8. Buffalo Bills

This one is partly sad. Four Super Bowl losses? In the same decade? Unheard of.

7. Cleveland Browns

Change the ‘B’ in Browns to a ‘F’, and you’ve got a more accurate description. The Cleveland Frowns. Or, get rid of the ‘w’ and add an apostrophe at the beginning, and you’ve got the Cleveland ‘Brons, as in LeBron. Anyway, when you have so many iconic plays that lost you a game (The ___), how can you bear watching them?

6. Texas Rangers (formerly Washington Senators)

So bad for so long, but things are looking up. First time in World Series in 2010. Start believing.

5. Detroit Lions

There has been nothing to cheer about in recent years (yes, I’m talking about you.) Although standout rookie Ndamukong Suh and a 6-10 record are uplifting. No championship since 1957.

4. Sacramento Kings (formerly Rochester Royals)

The last time the Kings were actually Kings, the year was 1951 and they were the Rochester Royals. When Shaquille O’Neal called them the “Sacramento Queens”, he understated their awfulness. Really, they’ve been more like the Sacramento Princesses.

3. Cleveland Indians

Consider this. The last time the Indians won a World Series, the year was 1948. Bob Feller was playing then, at age 30. Feller died this past December, at age 92. That’s 62 years ago.

2. Arizona Cardinals

They had their chance, when Kurt Warner was still going and Larry Fitzgerald was catching passes with ease. The problem was, Warner retired soon after and the Cardinals were never the same.

1. Chicago Cubs

Surprise! OK, not really. But instead of lamenting the patheticness of the Chicago Cubs, I

am going to applaud their fans. By far the most loyal fans in sports. After 102 years, what

Instead of beating them down to pulp, let's stand up and applaud Chicago Cubs fans.

team would still have a great amount of fans, not to mention its own song, iconic traditions, and famous plants? All at Wrigley Field. Don’t feel ashamed, Cubs fans. Feel proud. Because your Cubs will one day make you forget about all these years and it will feel so sweet when they do win. Did I mention that Yankees fans complain EVERY YEAR about not winning the World Series. Cubs fans, give them a piece of your mind.

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8 Responses to Top 10 most tortured fans in baseball, basketball, hockey, and football

  1. Mr. Coyle says:

    Let’s not forget the Minnesota Timberwolves. 22 years and 1 division title to show for. Team motto: “There’s always next year…”

  2. Bheise says:

    The triumvirate that is the Browns, Indians, and Cavs trumps everyone else… I’m willing to consider the Cubs, but not much else. Three teams, 0 titles since 1964, endless heartbreak in red right 88, the Ted Stepien era for the Cavs, the drive, the fumble, the shot, the Daugherty era Cavs never getting past Jordan, The Browns leaving for Baltimore, losing to the Braves as the best team in baseball, game 7 to the Marlins, Shawn Kemp gaining 900 lbs and fathering a litter of children, The Indians choking up 3-1 to the Red Sox in ’07, trading away 2 cy young winners in back to back seasons, the collapse of the Cavs 2 years in a row, the decision…

    Oh and the Cuyahoga River caught on fire in 1969 for good measure. Yeah, water… caught on fire… figure that one out.

  3. HeavyD2544 says:

    I understand that the Phillies are really good now and have won the world series in 2008, but how are the Philadelphia Eagles not on here? How about a franchise with diehard fans who never stop going to the games no matter how bad they have been in the past? Yes, they’re pretty good over the past decade, but the Eagles have been to less Super Bowls than the Bills in their history. They have 3 NFL Championships, the last coming in 1960. They have been to only two super bowls. I understand why the Cleveland Browns are on here, but the Eagles aren’t much better. I’m amazed you put the Bills and Jets on here before the Eagles though. At least the Jets have a Super Bowl win. I’ve seen lists on other websites too, and they all seem to leave the Eagles off. Also, the Maple Leafs should be higher. They’re an original 6 team and they haven’t had a chance to win since the 60’s ended. Spurts here and there, but nothing special. Completely agree with the Cubs at number 1. I feel so terrible for those loyal people.

    • I see your point about the Eagles, but I’ll say this. Being so close to a title and falling short by so little so many times, such as the Browns have, sometimes hurts more than not being very close since 1960.

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