Clippers beat in-town rivals

The Clippers had a lot to prove, up against the defending NBA Champions. Were they actually heading in the right direction after so many lost years? The other Los Angeles team answered that question, and more, defeating the Los Angeles Lakers 99-92. It was technically a home game for the Clippers, who share the arena with the Lakers, but it was a mostly yellow and purple crowd in the stands. The Clippers shut them up. Eric Gordon scored 30 points, and Blake Griffin extended a franchise record for consecutive double-doubles, rebounding (no pun intended) from a slow start to score 18 points along with 15 boards for the Clips. Despite 27 points from Kobe Bryant, and 18 and 13 from Andrew Bynum, the Clippers prevailed. Towards the end of the game Griffin went for a rebound, Lamar Odom had some words with him, and soon a mini-skirmish started. Odom was ejected, along with Baron Davis, who pushed Odom after he yelled at Griffin. Griffin and Ron Artest were both ejected too, but they merely seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, not really wanting anything to do with the shoving match.

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