Coaches end of year status report: NFC

Sorry for the BIG delay.


NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles

Coach: Andy Reid

Firing Rating: 3

Why: Despite a disappointing playoff exit, Reid did a great job this year and is in no trouble whatsoever.


New York Giants

Coach: Tom Coughlin

Firing Rating: 3

Why: Looks like Coughlin’s always on the hot seat, no? He probably will be at the end of this next season, but right now, he’s fine.


Dallas Cowboys

Coach: Jason Garrett

Firing Rating: 2

Why: First of all, Jerry Jones seems to have a lot of faith in Garrett. Also, he did a pretty nice job the last half of the season, going 5-3.


Washington Redskins

Coach: Mike Shanahan

Firing Rating: 6

Why: It won’t happen this year, but Shanahan has quickly become quite hated in DC.


NFC North

Green Bay Packers

Coach: Mike McCarthy

Firing Rating: 1

Why: Have you seen what he’s done this year? Great job and should have NO worries about his job status.


Chicago Bears

Coach: Lovie Smith

Firing Rating: 3

Why: If this blog was created before the season, you should’ve expected the rating to be double. Smith got the Bears back to the playoffs and looking like the team that went to the Super Bowl a couple of years back.


Detroit Lions

Coach: Jim Schwartz

Firing Rating: 3

Why: Schwartz actually did a fine job this year, as the Lions played like a respectable team and not like the embarrassment they were the last 2 seasons.


Minnesota Vikings

Coach: Leslie Frazier

Firing Rating: 3

Why: Frazier did well after taking over for Brad Childress, and like Garrett, seemed to get support from the Vikings and owner Zygi Wilf.


NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

Coach: Mike Smith

Firing Rating: 3

Why: It would have been a 2 if the Falcons didn’t lose to the Packers, but really, why would he get fired after arguably the best season in Falcons history?


New Orleans Saints

Coach: Sean Payton

Firing Rating: 2

Why: Payton has been great, and you can’t fire a coach who won the Super Bowl the year before, can you? Don’t mind the loss to the Seahawks.


Carolina Panthers

Coach: Ron Rivera

Firing Rating: 1

Why: He was just hired! What else could I put?


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Coach: Raheem Morris

Firing Rating: 2

Why: We should all be so amazed at what he’s done this year. His team improved by 7 games this year.


NFC West

Seattle Seahawks

Coach: Pete Carroll

Firing Rating: 3

Why: It would have been much higher, but kudos to Carroll for bringing the Seahawks this far.


San Francisco 49ers

Coach: Jim Harbaugh

Firing Rating: 1

Why: Uh, no chance he’s being fired anytime soon… unless San Fran goes 0-16 next year.


St. Louis Rams

Coach: Steve Spagnuolo

Firing Rating: 2

Why: What he did was impressive, but then again, a lot of the credit goes to Sam Bradford.


Arizona Cardinals

Coach: Ken Whisenhunt

Firing Rating: 6

Why: It probably won’t happen this offseason, but it will very soon if his team stays like this.

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