Coaches end of year status report: AFC

The News of Sports is ranking the coaches at the end of the regular season. Note: The coaches are not in order of final standings.

AFC East

New York Jets

Coach: Rex Ryan

Firing Rating: 3

Why: Unless something catastrophic happens, there’s no chance Ryan’s going anywhere.

New England Patriots

Coach: Bill Belichick

Firing Rating: 1

Why: The Firing Rating says it all.

Miami Dolphins

Coach: Tony Sparano

Firing Rating: 2

Why: This number would be much higher if it wasn’t for the fact that Sparano’s staying on, most likely for 2 years.

Buffalo Bills

Coach: Chan Gailey

Firing Rating: 4

Why: This was his first season, and he didn’t do all too bad of a job. He’s safe.

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers

Coach: Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers

Firing Rating: 2

Why: Tomlin got the Steelers to the #2 seed in a very tough division. A lot of that credit goes to him.

Coach: John Harbaugh

Firing Rating: 2

Why: For all the news his brother, Jim creates, John has done a remarkable job since taking over as coach.

Cincinnati Bengals

Coach: Marvin Lewis

Firing Rating: 3

Why: The good news for Lewis: He got re-signed for the 2011 season. The Bad? He’s still on the hot seat.

Cleveland Browns

Coach: N/A

Predicted replacement: Mike Holmgren

Why: I really think that Holmgren’s going to realize that maybe only himself could turn it around. If not himself, then John Fox, who was fired by the Panthers.

AFC West

San Diego Chargers

Coach: Norv Turner

Firing Rating: 6

Why: He’ll get fired in the next two seasons, almost certainly. The Chargers will give him one last chance, and shall he fail, goodbye to Norv.

Oakland Raiders

Coach: N/A

Predicted replacement: Hue Jackson

Why: In this coaching market, most fired coaches have awful win-loss records, and maybe this is the new way to go. It doesn’t make much sense why Al Davis fired Cable after a 8-8 season, their first non-losing season since way back in 2002.

Kansas City Chiefs

Coach: Todd Haley

Firing Rating: 2

Why: Haley’s done a terrific job morphing this Chiefs team into playoff contenders. He’s the Coach of the Year favorite.

Denver Broncos

Coach: N/A

Predicted Replacement: Perry Fewell

Why: Fewell has that defensive mind that the Broncos definitely need, and a head coaching job is long overdue for him.

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts

Coach: Jim Caldwell

Firing Rating: 3

Why: Caldwell has been fantastic, but the loss to the Jets has to sting a bit.

Houston Texans

Coach: Gary Kubiak

Firing Rating: 4

Why: Wow. That was surprising. Very odd why Houston kept him. If Houston doesn’t make the playoffs in 2011, goodbye.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Coach: Jack Del Rio

Firing Rating: 5

Why: It would have been higher before the season, but hey, Jacksonville almost made the playoffs.

Tennessee Titans

Coach: Jeff Fisher

Firing Rating: 2

Why: Huh? Why is Fisher back? Anyway, since SOMEHOW he’s back, his status is safe… for now.


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