What to expect in Week 17

1. Big stars in playoffs already won’t or will shortly play.

There is no reason for Tom Brady to play in the Patriots’ last game vs. the Dolphins. The Pats have locked up the first seed in the AFC with a 13-2 record. The same could be said for fellow MVP candidate Michael Vick. In fact, it’s already doubtful Vick will play due to a quad injury and the fact that coach Andy Reid has benched his starters late in the season throughout his career. Kevin Kolb will almost certainly start. The Eagles host the Cowboys. Also don’t expect to see most starting running backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers who either are already in or are eliminated from playoff contention. Although Jets head coach Rex Ryan is making a very questionable move of starting Mark Sanchez with the playoffs looming-an extra injury chance, he probably will play less than a quarter Sunday vs. the Buffalo Bills at home.


2. NFC West decided

On Sunday Night, the Seahawks and Rams will play for the NFC West title (ooh, what an achievement) at 8:20 on NBC. These team will definitely be playing their starters-except maybe Seattle, who might have Matt Hasselback sit out.


3. Sadly, not much to watch

As explained in number 1, most teams are either in or out, so remier players and starters will most likely not play much, making for a rare week of boring games in the NFL.

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