Is the 5 Christmas games too much?

Christmas Day, there will be five games played in the NBA. First, the Bulls will play the Knicks; then, Celtics-Magic, Lakers-Heat, Nuggets-Thunder, and finally Trail Blazers-Warriors. The question is, is 5 games on Christmas too many? We heard Phil Jackson yapping all week about how it’s a bad thing to have so many games, then soon after, we hear Doc Rivers say absolutely the opposite, and that it is a honor to play on Christmas Day. So, what should we think? Should the NBA not have any games and respect the religious factor of the holiday? Or should they play on, and have an abundance of games just for show? Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy might be going over the top when he said that the NBA should expand the amount of games on Christmas and make it 10. Then again, he was fined by commissioner David Stern last year for commenting negatively, similar to Jackson, so maybe he just said that to get out of Stern’s doghouse. Should the NBA shut down for the day? Maybe, but what about this? When there are other holidays, the NBA hasn’t shut down. Hanukkah was earlier this month, but did the NBA shut down? No. LeBron James and Jackson complained that they couldn’t spend time with their family, but do you really think the NBA could take off every holiday? No, because that would cut short the season. And, if on Christmas there weren’t any games, that wouldn’t be fair to any of the other holidays and festivals. I’m not saying that family isn’t important, but think, isn’t it unfair to players and coaches of different faiths to celebrate some holidays and not others?

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