Give it up for Jamie Moyer

I gotta say, kudos to Jamie Moyer. The dude’s already played 23 years in the MLB, is 48 years old, has 8 children (wow!), and just had Tommy John surgery. So, what would any regular guy do? Retire, right? Move to a nice home in Florida and relax? Isn’t 23 years enough? No, no, and no, apparently. Moyer decided that the 12 to 18 month recovery time might be short enough to return for his 24th season in 2012, when he would be 50 years old. That’s Brett Favre plus 9 right there. It’s amazing to even pitch for that long in the first place. But to have a major elbow surgery and return? Unheard of. But that’s just what Moyer is planning.

“In all honesty, I just don’t feel like I’m ready to give it up. I feel I’m entitled to make my own decision,” he said.

Sounds like somebody’s already raring to go. Moyer went 9-9 with a 4.84 ERA last year, but missed the rest of the season after hurting his elbow during a July 20th start against the Philadelphia Phillies. Wait, where have we heard this “maybe I’ll come back” story? Oh yeah, Brett Favre (duh). But wait, maybe Moyer’s not so sure he’s coming back either.

“It will be nice spending family time. Maybe I’ll get to the point I like that more than I like to play. We’ll see,” Moyer said about the time off.

Anyway, whatever he decides, everybody stand up, at clap. Really, stand up, and give it up for Jamie Moyer one more time.


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