Sid the Kid is King

On Wednesday, Sidney Crosby scored a goal as his Penguins crushed the lowly Florida Panthers 5-2. What was so special about the game? Crosby scored a point in his 22nd consecutive game. Crosby scored midway through the first period, extending his streak. He now has 58 points already, with 28 goals coupled with 30 assists, tops in the league. Steven Stamkos, of the Lightning, is 11 points behind Crosby in a distant second. Crosby is now tied with Dany Heatley for consecutive games with a point since the 2004-2005 NHL lockout. In the last 20 years, Crosby is behind only Mats Sundin with 30 straight games. Want to put this season in perspective? Crosby has
about 1.66 points per game, which about 1 2/3 per contest. But, to
humble Crosby, he still has a LONG way to go, as “The Great One”,
Wayne Gretzky, had a point in 51 straight games during the 1983-
1984 season! Nevertheless, Crosby has a chance to extend his
streak going into Thursday’s game against their bitter rivals, the
Washington Capitals. The game will be a preview to January 1st’s
Winter Classic at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, which pits the two teams,
each led by superstars, in Crosby for the Penguins, and Alexander
Ovechkin for the Capitals. Crosby hasn’t all been about individual
statistics, as the Pens are 23-10-2, 4th in the Eastern Conference.

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