No Love in Minnesota

In Minnesota, the Vikings are having an off year, the Wild aren’t anything special, and the T’Wolves are 6-18, good for 13th in the Western Conference. But the Timberwolves have someone that nobody else in the NBA has: Love. No, I mean Kevin Love. The 3rd year big man from UCLA is posting out-of-this-world stats, with an average of 20 points and 15 rebounds this year. He is leading the NBA in offensive and defensive rebounds this year. In fact, he leads the NBA in rebounds per game by a wide margin (the next highest being Dwight Howard and Joakim Noah, with 12 per game each).  Not to mention, he’s already # 7 on the Timberwolves’ all-time rebounds list. Yet only about 1 out of 2 NBA fans know his name. Why? His team. Ever since Kevin Garnett left in 2007 to join the Celtics, the ‘Wolves have not been a household name. They really weren’t ever a household name. Actually, if there were a team that would be often forgotten, it would be Minnesota. All of the Minnesota sports attention seems to go to the Twins and Vikings. But how about Kevin Love? Dwight Howard will most likely win the Defensive Player of Year award, but I’m telling you: Feel the Love.

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