Why the Yankees should not get Cliff Lee

Even before their arch-rivals, the Boston Red Sox made a move, the Yankees were expected to sign free agent pitcher Cliff Lee from the Texas Rangers. The Yankees were front-runners, because, as usual, they had the most money to offer. As the wait for Cliff Lee goes on, there are three reasons why the Yankeees should not sign Lee.

1. Age

Lee is 32, and wants at least 6 more years. He’ll be at least 38 by the time a deal 6 years or longer will end. By then, he probably won’t be of much use to the Yankees. A better alternative option like Kansas City’s Zack Greinke would be better, as he is 3 years younger.

2. Postseason piching

Those of you reading #2 are probably like, “What? Postseason Pitching?” You’re half correct. Lee was dominant against the Yankees but failed to show up in the World Series, where he was 0-2 against Tim Lincecum. I’m not fully convinced.

3. He’ll only help a couple of years

This one relates to the first reason because as he ages, his production will likely get worse and worse. The Yankees need a pitcher who can help for a long time rather than a short term, expensive option.

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