Reminder: Heisman Presentation Today

The Heisman Trophy will be presented today in New York City at 8 o’clock PM ET. Auburn quarterback Cam Newton is expected to win the award.  Alabama running back Mark Ingram won the Award last year.

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5 Responses to Reminder: Heisman Presentation Today

  1. Niel says:

    The Quaterback from Stanford is a strong possibility. We’ll see.

  2. Gary Sanford says:

    I am from Oregon and my oldest daughter went to the University of Oregon. Of course Oregon is playing for the national championship. I am an Oregon fan; however, I am not as big a sports fan as I used to be since leaving America, essentially, in 1993.
    Great blog by the way!

    • Thanks Gary for the support: I’m amazed how fast people found and read my blog, as I started it only five days ago. I really appreciate you reading my blog. By the way, is there any sort of articles you would want me to write because I am very open to reader suggestions.

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