Record Setting hockey game

Saturday, Michigan and Michigan State set a record for attendance at a hockey game, as 11,411 showed up at “The Big House”, home to the Wolverines (Michigan). The game wasn’t a great one, as Michigan won 5-0. The previous record was shattered, as 77,803 showed up for a game at this year’s world championships in Germany. The record was announced in the third period.

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5 Responses to Record Setting hockey game

  1. JR Fellabaum says:

    I enjoyed your blog. Great format. Thanks for taking the time to share. In the future you might want to mention European Football and Indian Cricket. That would broaden the appeal. Are the numbers in your article on the hockey game at The Big House correct? Seems attendance may be light.

  2. Randy Williams says:

    Great blog. You’re right up there with “The Thinking Stick”. I have to agree with JR Fellabaum, I think the attendance numbers are off. But if you have checked them, go with your sources.

    Cheers, Randy

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